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FAQ-  Most Frequent Questions on the key cabinet:

Q:  Where are the instructions?
- Standard 3 dial lock-  On side of box
- Electronic Lock- Taped to outside of key cabinet.  Default code is 1010 to open
- Dual key and combination-  Inside the key cabinet

Q: I cant program my code

 Standard 3 Dial- When setting the combination on the Combi-Cam, make sure the dial is in the closed/locked position to have access to the change pin on the bottom and that it is on the current opening combination.

Q: Setting code and now locked out

The most common mistake is that one of the number accidentally was set up or down one number than you intended.  Example, instead of 123, it was set to 133.  To solve, try up one and down one on each dial.

Second most common mistake is that during the reset, the change button was momentarily released while turning the dials.   Example- setting to 123 and button let go of as you started to turn the second dial.  Combination ends up at 100.  This is more of a puzzle to solve but test the lock assuming everything after that moment is 0 (or whatever the dial was set to prior).   Example, try 100, 110, etc.

Q: I am locked out.  I forgot or dont know code
- Standard 3 dial lock-  Lock will need to be drilled out.  If door is open, you can send lock to us for reset
- Electronic Lock- You can use the master code or master RFID card to open and reset
- Dual key and combination-  Use the master override key to open the lock, discover code and set to new code
  Go here for discovering the code instructions

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