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Wall Key Cabinet by KeyGuard

Setting the Combination Instructions

Set your own combination in seconds without special tools or disassembly.
With 1,000 combinations to choose from you can change your code any time.

Easy Instructions: Setting the Combination
1. Begin with the dials set to the current opening code. From the factory the Combi-Cam is set to 0-0-0.

2. Locate the code reset button along the outside edge of the Combi-Cam.

3. Depress the code reset button using a pen, push pin or paper clip.

4. Maintain pressure on the code reset button for the remaider of the resetting process.

5. Turn the dials to your intended combination.

6. Release pressure on the reset button. The combination is now set to your desired combination. It may be helpful to write down the combination and keep it in a secure place.


Setting the Combination Video


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